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Paul Whitehead


ASTROLOGY by Paul Whitehead

Some years ago, I think it was around 1990, I was in the bar at The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood showing my portfolio to the art director of a poster company, suddenly this crazy woman, who was next to us at the bar, turns to me says loudly, “You’re the one!”

I tried to remember if I knew her, what had I done? Knocked up her daughter or something?

“I’m the one that what?” I stammered out a bit embarrassed in the middle of my interview and hoping that she wasn’t going to reveal some awful crime that I’d committed without knowing it. She smiled. “I’ve been watching you and I’ve decided – you’re the one to do my artwork for me.”

The Art Director introduced himself & asked who she was. “ I’m Linda Goodman,” she said, “the author of Sun Signs, the best selling astrological book - six and half million copies so far.” He stood up and offered her his seat, obviously impressed. I kind of knew of her, every girlfriend I’d ever had who was into horoscopes had a copy of her book, (not enough pictures for my taste) she was big. Basically what Linda wanted was a surrealistic painter’s take on the Zodiac signs - unlike what was already out there – and she would direct me in terms of the vibe of each sign, the esthetic nature, colors, likes and dislikes etc. but I was on my own as far as the ideas. She gave me good direction and she loved everything I did - with just two exceptions, some of the colors in my paintings for Libra and Scorpio.

I had painted Libra walking across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, he had on pale green pants. Linda was most adamant that the pants should be PINK!!!!! I’m a Libra myself and I just knew that no self respecting Libran would not be seen dead walking across the Grand Canyon in pink pants and I told her this. “Change them or the deal is off,” was her reply and she was serious. The next problem was Scorpio, it wasn’t red enough for her. She was wearing a scarlet corduroy cowgirl skirt and she took a knife and cut a four inch strip off the bottom and gave it to me. “Match that” she said, “and I’ll check it against my skirt when you’re done.” She was a very strong lady, a triple Aries for those that know about such things, but fun to work with.

The work was completed, Linda was happy and the work was published by the art director from the Roosevelt – as a Linda Goodman astrology calendar. Over the years the artwork has been licensed for use on Coffee mugs, greetings cards, wallet cards, T shirts and several of the images have been used on CD covers.

There are many more uses for such images and they are available for licensing.

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